7 Eye Opening Reasons To Use Vegetable Powder Daily

Nobody believes in the nutritional benefits of adding naturally occurring vitamins and minerals into your bloodstream more than our team over here at The Perfect Nutrition. In fact, we named our company after that very belief.

However, if you’re tired of cleaning up the mess after a morning blender session of juicing, a quality vegetable powder can be a complete game changer. 

Why? Because according to an article posted by WebMD, dehydrated vegetables retain almost 100% of their nutritional value. (source)

Why would you ever want to go through all the trouble of juicing ever again? 

The 7 Benefits of Vegetable Powders

1. Better Sleep + Better Energy

We humans tend to not realize the true benefits of consistently getting a full nights sleep until we make it part of our routines. 

However, many health and wellness experts will attest that sleep is just as important as diet and exercise to our overall health. 

Vegetable powders can play a major role in providing the nutritional values needed to balance hormone production of serotonin (the sleep hormone) and manage insulin, which both affect sleep. 

Furthermore, making vegetable first health choices during the day naturally helps with cravings to eat junk food and sugary drinks, all of which negatively impacts sleep. 

So why did we include energy too? Well, it’s not secret that diet, exercise and sleep are all important, but when we activate these forces within ourselves…just be prepared to marvel at how energetic you can become.

graphic with person sleeping and quote about sleep and health

2. Immunity Boosting (Not to be overlooked)

Sadly, most people will just read the title of “immune boosting” and skip right over it. 

That’s because too many companies have marketed this catch phrase and we’ve gone numb, but in reality a healthy immune system is the front line of our health and can either ward off an illness or allow it to break through and start causing damage.

Our humble advice, to combat sly marketing, is to become educated on why your immune system is your greatest defense by reading books like An Elegant Defense: The Extraordinary New Science of the Immune System: A Tale in Four Lives.

Ok, off the soap box we go. We just want the best for our readers and are passionate about their health. 

Diet has the greatest impact on our body’s ability to create and sustain the needed anti-viral / anti-bacterial defenses. Vegetable powder is an easy and convenient method to load you up with magnitudes of vitamins and minerals to get the job done.

3. Improve Your Gut Health

This might surprise you, or maybe not if you’ve kept up with current health research, but gut health is linked to most every strength or deficiency in health known today. 

I know, it’s mind blowing. 

To put simply, our guts contain microbiomes full of bacteria that are unique to ourselves and those microbiomes influence our overall health. 

The outstanding news with this research is that we know understand that what we put in our gut plays a direct role in either feeding and improving upon your health or it’s deteriorating it. 

Vegetable powders are often criticized for not being the whole plant, but our guts don’t see it like that. Our digestive systems only know of the nutrients they can absorb and use, which makes these green powders just as impactful to creating a healthy gut biome as whole plants. 

4. May Lower Blood Pressure

Hypertension specific diets are nothing new and extremely effective at managing blood pressure. 

And do you know what that diet calls for? 4-5 servings of vegetables per day in combination with a lower sodium intake.

We don’t want to start sounding like a broken record here, but increasing your green vegetables intake seems to be taking the cake on nearly all of these benefits of adding vegetable powder to your lifestyle. 

Commonly called the DASH diet, this blood pressure specific diet works by aiming to specifically increase calcium, magnesium, potassium, fiber and proteins in the diet. 

Experts at the MayoClinic report that people can see a decrease in LDL numbers within two weeks of changing around their diet to meet their guidelines. 

5. Clear Out Free Radicals...Radically

Another area of recent interest has been free radical chemistry in the body. Simply put, free radicals enter the body from many sources, mainly what we eat and any toxins in the environment. What is important to most is that free radicals represent “toxins” and antioxidants are their counter agent. 

For the body to work optimally to encourage renewel and healing, a good balance between these two forces is necessary. However, as with many aspects of society, the food we consume is more likely to put free radicals in our blood stream than counter them. 

Luckily, even if your environment and diet are not stellar, vegetable powders offer a strong solution by providing plant source antioxidants. (there are also synthetic sources as well.)

You might have heard about Functional Medicine? 

Well, cleansing out free radicals and living a life of healthy habits is one of the primary objectives in the practice. 

If you want to nerd out, check out this research article. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3249911/

how free radicals work graphic
Image from https://drbaileyskincare.com/pages/free-radical-protection

6. Work Out Recovery...What, not just protein?

When someone exercises they put their body under intentional stress. We normally see this as a good form of stress but none-the-less, it’s still stress on the body. In order to repair from that stress, the body demands we replace what we took! 

You break it you replace it! 

In this case, exercise does two things really well; breaks apart the muscle fibers and depletes stores of glycogen (stored energy in the muslces). 

Protein is the go-to for workout recovery right? Well, if you really want to recover in the best possible fashion, we also need to replace the glycogen stores and accelerate the process. 

Vegetable powders contain starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes and squashes, and ideal source for a healthy replenish of exhausted glycogen. 

Special Shoutout: Fabian over at BasementBeast.com provides a *men's (sorry women) workout program that really encourages recovery. (we're testimonials to it's effectiveness)

7. May Improve Skin Youthfulness

The holy grail of benefits associated with drinking or eating vegetable powders, a youthful and glowing appearance. 

There are many DNA factors that come into play when we’re talking about aging skin, but none of that really matters…why? 

Because DNA is out of our control. (until science proves us wrong.)

That leaves the only things that do matter and that’s what you can control. 

Many, many skin care companies would have you believe that serums and lotions are the answer, which makes sense since it goes right on the skin right? Nope! 

Skin is grown from the inside out and although our skin does absorb lotions, that is not “getting to the root” of the issues. The not-so-obvious answer that no one is talking about is that your skin responds to the nutrition you’re eating. 

Want better skin quickly? Consume foods that have a significantly nutrient dense profile. We sell many of them in our online store, including Limu Original and MOA

It’s the reason that superfoods became so popular and still today are hailed as “miracles”…when in reality, they are just fantastic sources of nutrition.  (Perfect Nutrition?) 

A Vegetable Powder Product We Trust

We’ll keep this part short and sweet because we want this article to be mostly educational. The team at The Perfect Nutrition spends countless hours researching “perfect nutrition” and have endorsed a company that creates natural health products that are well sourced and effective. 

If you are in the market for a vegetable powder to try, we recommend checking out Giving Greens by Slenderiiz. 

Wrapping It All Up

Vegetable powders can be a great solution for those with busy schedules or with other hurdles in life to easily increase the amount of vegetables in their daily consumption. Additionally, it’s incredibly convenient that dehydrated vegetables are compact enough to fit over two pounds of plant nutrition into a couple of table spoons. 

No more excuses, right? 

They can’t replace that amazing feeling you get when you cook a home meal and serve up those yummy zucchinis or mouth watering tomatoes, but they serve a rightful purpose. 

Were you surprised at the benefits you may be able to take advantage of by going with the green powder?  If so, check out our highly recommended Giving Greens or find yourself a credible and clean source to add those veggies boys and girls. 

Looking to lose weight too? We wrote a great review of Slenderiiz, which has plant based powders as part of their weight loss program.


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