A Complete List of Benefits: Tahitian Noni Juice

According to Google Trends, Tahitian Noni juice is still as talked about today as it was in 2004. This particular juice has stirred up quite the support in the United States and all over the world as the supplement market continues to thrive year over year. 

In this article, we’ll dig deep and uncover the most common benefits found by consuming Noni as well as answering all your questions. 

What Is Tahitian Noni Juice?

Tahitian Noni juice is a drink derived from the extracts of Noni, a fruit from the Morinda citrifolia tree that commonly grows in southeast Asia and Polynesian islands. Tahitian Noni juice is often hailed by locals as a source of heightened health and wellness and attributed to the healthy island cultures that consume it regularly. 

The Noni fruit goes by many names but is unmistakably identified as a fruit with a pungent stinky cheese type smell associated with it.

So, does Noni juice taste and smell disgusting? 

Actually, our staff quite liked the taste after some getting used to it. Fortunately, the company that manufactures the products (Morinda Inc.) has had the insight to mix the extracted juice with that of strong grape seed/juice extracts. Thank goodness! 

The company behind making the most popular brand of Tahitian Noni juice is Morinda Inc. a Utah based company that has been making the product since 1996. 

Some information that stood out to us is that since they started, Morinda has only recently created another product line with Noni as the source. 

Where Can You Buy Tahitian Noni Juice?

Tahitian Noni juice can be found in many stores across the country, however it’s less common than it was 10 years ago. 

A good bet to get it at the best price and from the freshest source is to either: 

  1. Buy it from Morinda (now known as NewAge) 
  2. or, Buy it from us as an authorized brand partner. Visit our Store.
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Known Benefits of Tahitian Noni Juice

When looking at the benefits of taking any supplement, it’s critically important to understand that medicine and supplements are two different categories. The benefits we’ll be discussing today are those that have the most reliable sources associated with the claims but by no means are guaranteed outcomes. 

That being said, we’re huge fans of the natural and want the benefits of drinking Noni juice to be known to all. 

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What's The Best Brand of Noni Juice?

What Are The Side Effects of Drinking Noni Juice?

When taken by mouth in the form of a juice, Noni supplements are often regarded as relatively safe for most of the population to consume in various quantities. 

Many of our customers take anywhere between 1-8 ounces per day of Tahitian Noni Juice safely. 

Some users have experienced:

  1. Diarrhea (commonly caused by the cleansing.)
  2. Stomach pains
  3. Increased potassium levels
  4. In rare cases liver toxicity. 

Our reputable source: PubMed.gov

How Much Noni Juice Should You Drink?

For the average individual, drinking anywhere from 1-4 fluid ounces of Tahitian Noni juice per day yields the best results. Some, more active athletes or people with specific gaps in their nutrition, will take upwards of 8+ ounces per day regularly without any side effects. [Source]

People that have kidney issues, pregnant or any other severe illness, should always consult their doctor before taking Tahitian Noni juice in any regular supplemental regiment.

What Does Noni Juice Taste Like?

The popular opinion online is that Tahitian Noni juice smells like vomit or at best, stinky cheese. However, our staff had none of that nonsense and quickly enjoyed the drink. 

Perhaps this was because the other opinions didn’t consume the Noni juice from the Morinda company like we did but we loved it and it quickly became a favorite. 

Key Takeaways

Tahitian Noni juice is an immensely popular supplement across the globe widely due to the expanding movements to bring super fruits into the commercial supplement market. 

Without a doubt, Noni fruit has been found to be naturally high in vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients that are commonly lacking in a Westerner’s diet. 

Could Tahitian Noni juice help you? 

The answer is often…maybe, but it couldn’t hurt to try it out. 

Don’t be easily swayed to buy up this supplement based on what you’ve read online.  We recommend that you start by trying just 1 or 2 bottles, getting past the smell, and assessing the health benefits  yourself. 

Want to give Tahitian Noni juice a try? You can purchase it through our Perfect Store for the freshest supply. 

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