Where and How to Buy Limu Online

If you’re reading this quick guide then you are probably in the market for trying out some of these mysterious seaweed products that everyone keeps talking about. So here are the basics to buy Limu products that will help you with getting the best price and freshest supply.

*Update since 2021: The Limu Company no longer exists. Another company (NewAge by Ariix) purchased and acquired it. You can read about it HERE.

Where To Get Your Limu

You can buy Limu products online much like anything else these days, but you want to make sure that you know who you are buying from. The problem when buying online is that you are not 100% sure you are dealing with someone authorized to sell Limu.

Ariix distributers are the only one’s authorized to market and sell Limu products. So follow these good practices to make sure that you are purchasing an product that is not expired or aftermarket.

  • When able, purchase your favorite Limu products by enrolling as a customer of a Limu Promoter that you personally know.
  • Avoid purchasing Limu from places like Ebay, Amazon or Craigslist. These products are being resold to you and may be expired or damaged.
  • Use our authorized Limu shop at www.theperfectnutrition.com/store

How To Get The Best Price

I think this is where most people get in trouble is searching for a better price for Limu products.  By buying from seller sites like Amazon or Ebay, you are at the mercy of someone who is selling the product against company policy.

That’s right, you could be buying products that have been in someone’s garage for the past few years.

Why?  Because the Newage by Ariix Company has strict rules around where promoters can advertise the products and how they can sell them. 

So, about getting the best price.  

Feel free to use our website here, The Perfect Nutrition, to check out our prices, since this site is run by an authorized Limu reseller. 

However, the lowest rock bottom prices can be accessed by becoming a reoccurring customer. Monthly auto-ship unlocks an additional 15% discount on all your products. Combined with our 15% code, you’re looking at a 30% discount monthly!

If you are interested in the full discount, here are simple instructions: 

  1. Visit our curated link HERE. (read the rest first)
  2. Choose your desired products. (hint: there is a sort by brand options.)
  3. Use our unique promocode: SEAWEED at checkout. 
  4. Check the box for Monthly Auto-ship during checkout. 
  5. Enjoy your monthly 30% OFF!

Conclusion: Buy Limu Safely

We encourage you to give it a shot and try out the plant-based and all natural Limu drinks.  We are more than happy to connect you with the lowest price and freshest supply so you can feel comfortable when you buy Limu with us at The Perfect Nutrition.

Choose Plants Over Pills My Friends.


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