The Healthiest Energy Drink for Gamers, Hands Down!

When it comes to energy drinks, gamers are among the top groups that endorse and consume them on a regular basis. However, most energy drinks are made with copious amounts of vitamins and caffeine, which has been demonstrated time and time again to be extremely unsafe for your health and well-being. This article looks at the healthiest energy drinks for gamers.

Still…millions of dollars are spent by companies to endorse their consumption and their benefits towards the gaming community. 

Here, we’ll talk about the healthiest energy drink for gamers we’ve ever seen. 

What Makes An Energy Drink Unhealthy?

The majority of gamers find themselves drinking energy drinks to do things like, stay up late into the night for a long night of gaming, improve mental alertness and fine motor skills when using those twitch reflexes in multiplayer or just simply drinking them because they are associated so closely with the gamer community. 

Top brands like Red Bull, Monsters, Rockstar and most recently Bang, have all but crowded the space, but not a single one is made with ingredients that naturally help people achieve their goals. 

They are full of synthetic overdose of vitamin B12 and other things like Taurine and Ginseng, which do more harm than good here. 

Recently, in 2021, a 21 year old man was hospitalized after routinely drinking 4 energy drinks per day for quite some time.


Why Gamers Use Energy Drinks

We wish we could say that there is a secret formula that the gaming community can tap into to achieve their true potential but the truth is…there isn’t. 

Depending on what you want out of your energy potion, there are often better alternatives that won’t have lasting health consequences. 

Here are some of the top reasons why gamers are turning to energy drinks. 

photo of limu blufrog energy with mango and dragon fruit

To Stay Up Late And Game

We understand the excitement of turning into a night owl and gaming long into the night. The perfect remedy for this is a strong dose of caffeine right?

Well, sort of. 

Caffeine can be a healthy supplement if taken in the proper way and amount. The problem is that most of the choices at the convenience store offer doses that far exceed the needed amount. 

Increase Their Twitch Reflexes & Response Time

Gaming is mainstream now, and people are taking it more serious as a sport. 

With the increased competition, gamers are keeping an eye out for supplements that may help give them the edge. 

Nootropics, like the ones found in BluFrog Energy, is a recent topic that has peak the interest of gamers seeking mental clarity and focus during their gaming session. Additionally, gamers are reporting that their twitch reflexes are improved while taking nootropics.

Because They've Seen Other Gamers Drink'em

It’s not popular to talk about, but we gamers are very susceptible to trends from influencing sources. 

A seems like a million different gaming streamers are promoting Bang like it’s the nectar of God. 

Huge gaming tournaments with Red Bull as the primary sponsor, even sponsoring teams. 

We can’t blame you for drinking these, but you don’t know what you don’t know. Most of these sugar crammed, B & K vitamin filled, over caffeinated blast canisters are not good for your health in the short & long-term perspective. 

So why does everyone seem to be drinking them? 

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gamer playing with healthy energy drink

Seek Out A Healthy Alternative? Here's Options

Ok, so you’ve probably picked up on the fact that we are huge advocates for finding natural alternatives to bad things and energy drinks is one of those. 

We also, just happen to love the sport of gaming and hate to see the influence these unhealthy substances have on the market. 

Here are some alternatives to energy drinks:

comparison chart of blufrog energy and other energy drinks


Gamers, we know that most of you will continue to drink whatever you want, despite the advice you’ve heard. However, we urge you to consider your health, no matter what age you are. 

Energy and mental focus are byproducts of a healthy and balanced lifestyle with many factors that play into your overall health. 

Most energy drinks are simply artificial adrenaline shots dressed up in marketing. 

Let us know your experience in the comments or if you’ve got a winning natural alterative, share it here. 

Check out our video review of a healthy energy drink for gamers


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