Honest NewAge Company Review (2022)

If you’re looking for a honest an thorough review of the NewAge company, you’ve come to the right place.

However, before we start we’d like to clarify which NewAge company we’re reviewing in this article as there are several companies with the same name.

We’re reviewing the network marketing driven MLM company NewAge, www.newage.com, a company that is focused on selling health and beauty products. 

As of right now, 6/30/2022, The Perfect Nutrition has been selling products from the company for the last 6 years, however I believe that my review will be MORE beneficial to you than 3rd party “unbiased” reviews because someone on the outside just doesn’t get the full scope of details that someone on the inside can give.

Disclaimer: We’re not interested in making judgements about network marketing or MLM structures in general, we’ll leave that up to you. 

You might consider this review unfair, but would you rather read about a bull rider or meet him personally?

With that said, yes the NewAge company is an MLM company that uses the network marketing model for growth. 

As you read, you’ll discover we’re honest about it all.

About The NewAge Company

NewAge is a publicly traded health and wellness company (NASDAQ: NBEV) with headquarters in Utah and distribution centers located around the world. The NewAge company’s history started in 2016 with their first company acquisition that combined Búcha Live Kombucha Xing Tea, Aspen Pure, and a Colorado distribution powerhouse to form NewAge Beverages Corporation.

You can read more about the company’s linage here (https://newage.com/our-story) but the next huge milestone was the merger of Morinda, known for it’s world renown and record selling Tahitian Noni Juice product.

In July 202, the company took yet another huge leap and merged with Ariix. Along with this merger also came along Ariix’s MLM structure of distributers, which the NewAge company then reworked to form the existing network marketing supported structure with new policies, compensation plans, distribution methods and more. 

Brands That Are A Part of NewAge

*These are the most popular lines of products, there are a few minor other brands that are more popular outside of the United States.

The Pros & Cons of NewAge

We’d like to share some of the pros and cons, in our opinion, of the NewAge company. Our list is as fair as we can provide, given that we aren’t employees of the company and have limited inside knowledge. 

That being said, honesty and insight is what you’ll see here.

The Pros:

The Cons:

NewAge website screenshot
Screenshot of NewAge.com

Can You Make Money With NewAge?

I get asked this question a lot. Can you make money in network marketing and specifically, can you make money with NewAge?

The easiest answer to that question is, yes,  I am currently doing it. However, let’s unpack this a little because it might not be a yes for you.

I use to have a big ol’ speech about how network marketing is just like any business venture, yadda yadda, you have to actually work for it. I’m no stranger to growing a business, I started a digital agency called Greatness Digital, but that was by no means easy to get going. 

Our Advice: The future of the NewAge company is getting good at social selling and selling the products in general with “recruiting” other brand ambassadors as being optional and secondary. (Trust us, we talked to the NewAge leadership and we’re on the same page here) 

Social selling is huge and doesn’t require you to be an influencer to do correctly. The company, as we said above, is really focused on creating content that you can use to sell the products when combined with your own personal love and use of the products. 

Did you hear that? You need to know and love at least some of the products.

Why you say? Why would selling something require us to love it? Simple, it’s our opinion that sales just becomes more natural when you believe in what you’re selling. 

You probably have a lot more question and we have a answers, but… Instead, here is how I will answer your question. NewAge (previously Ariix) has tackled this subject head on with this video they made. 

How To Make Money With NewAge

Many people we talk to about the money making side of NewAge want to know how to do it. Although there is no one answer to this question, we can talk about the tools that the company has recently developed that can help guide your path to success. 

Social Network Marketing

One thing that the NewAge company does really well is create fantastic content using the doctors and experts that helped make their products, AND brand partners can use their materials freely! 

This concept is know as social network marketing and is much more natural and effective compared to traditional network marketing. 

The company does a great job creating these social videos with shoppable products. The great part is, when you share these assets YOU get the affiliation and get paid if it resonates with someone and they buy anything.

NewAge social selling videos screenshot

NewAge Share App

Another killer tool in your toolbox as you look to make money with NewAge is the company’s well developed mobile phone app. 

You can find the app here: (be aware that you need an account in order to log in) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.morinda.newagepro&hl=en_US&gl=US

A few things we like about the app:

  • Easily download and share social selling images, videos and documents. 
  • Get tips and notifications of upcoming events. 
  • Get trained from the company themselves conveniently on your phone on how to best use their content to attract customers. 
  • See brand partner account information. 
NewAge Share App screenshot

NewAge PDFs That You Can View

To make things easier on you, we’ve put together several PDFs from the NewAge company for your convenience. 


We hope that you found this NewAge company review insightful and helpful. We took our past 6 years of experience and our insider knowledge being a premier brand partner to bring you the most honest NewAge review possible. 

Whether you are looking at the NewAge company’s products or the opportunity, this guide should help you out or point you in the right direction to make an educated decision. 

If you’re looking into joining the company, I’d encourage you to check out our supportive team. Your success may not rely on team members, but the speed at which you succeed does. 

Check us out here. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our honest review. If you have any questions that you’d like to asked, drop them in the Facebook comments below. 


Yes, New Age (www.newage.com) is a network marketing MLM company.

Yes, NewAge (www.newage.com) who owns the Tahitian Noni brand is a network marketing MLM company.

NewAge could be viewed as a pyramid scheme given that it uses the network marketing model. However, in our experience it is not necessary to "recruit" in order to make money nor is it required to regularly purchase products to make money. 

Yes, The LIMU Company was purchased by a company called Ariix and Ariix was acquired in 2020 by NewAge Inc. 

Yes, Ariix was acquired by NewAge Inc. in 2020. However, the Ariix brand and it's products remain mostly unaltered and available.

Joining New Age as a brand partner is easy, go to (https://enroll.newage.com/s/zS1zILwdL8Ui) and use pin 1337 for access. 

No, you can join New Age without purchasing any products or paying any fees. 

Simply put, you earn money in New Age by the sales of products from yourself or from other brand partners on your team. You can view the company's compensation plan here


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