How To Reach Limu Customer Support

Let’s get right down to it. If you’re trying to reach The LIMU Company customer support using the old details, you’re out of luck. 

LIMU’s older phone numbers and support email addresses are no longer available due to the sale/merger that happened with the new company called NewAge. 

We recently addressed some questions on where to buy Limu products, but one question that stood out was how to get ahold of Limu customer service’s phone number.

But, you can still get the same great LIMU products with the same great quality, here’s how. 

  1. Consider shopping online with us as authorized brand partners of the NewAge company and the same great LIMU products. You can shop our store here.
  2. You can give us a call with your questions or if you’d like to order over the phone. Phone: (877) 895 8284
  3. Want to talk directly with the company that replaced the old LIMU Co.? Here is their direct information: NewAge  |  801-813-3000 [email protected]

Hopefully this helps you get ahold of what you’re looking for. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. 


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