Moa by Nutrifii (Ariix)
36 Superfoods & Superfruits

Moa is a proprietary, nutrient-rich blend of 36 superfoods and superfruits combined into a synergistic, low glycemic formula that helps support exceptional health benefits.

When used regularly, Moa helps reduce oxidative damage from free radicals and supports healthy digestion, robust cellular defenses and immune function.

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36 Superfoods In One Potent Formula.

The Benefits of Drinking Moa

Why Is Moa So Impactful To Our Health?

The True Benefits of Synergistically Combining 36 Superfoods

The truth is that our bodies work best when all three pillars of the perfect nutrition are satisfied.

Cleanse. Fortify. Boost.

Our bodies are exposed to harmful toxins daily — they are in our diet, our environment, in the air we breathe and the water we drink. These contaminants impact our body’s ability to perform optimally and can contribute to a variety of health problems. Our bodies are designed to always be in a state of Cleanse, and implementing a product that gently supports this natural process can help put our bodies back in balance.

Vitamins and nutrients are essential for a variety of your body’s biological processes. Many people consume more calories than they need without taking in the recommended amounts of nutrients. 

Additionally, soil depletion and environmental factors mean fruits and vegetables grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than what they provide today. 

It’s never been more important to Fortify our bodies with essential nutrients for optimal health and wellness.

Did you know that an adult human creates an average of 50–70 billion new cells per day? 

With all that work to do, your body needs a boost from time to time. You know best when your body is overtaxed due to stress, illness, or even a long, hard workday. 

The supplements in the Know Yourself Nutrition Boost category are designed to give your body the boost it needs, when it needs it.

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You Are What You Eat, Right?

A List of The 36 Superfood Ingredients in Moa

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Nutritional Facts of Moa

Moa is a proprietary, nutrient-rich blend of 36 superfoods and superfruits combined into a synergistic, low glycemic formula. This premier formula contains an exclusive mushroom complex that helps support healthy immune function, in addition to Bergavit® (bergamot extract) — a breakthrough nutraceutical extract that helps support cardiovascular and metabolic wellness. Each tiny pouch packs a huge (and wholesome) punch! Consider it the ideal supplement to support a healthy immune system.

Download the full nutritional PDF with FAQ’s.

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When used regularly, Moa helps the body reduce oxidative damage from free radicals and supports healthy digestion, robust cellular defenses and immune function.

Thanks to a powerful combination of antioxidant-rich, nutrient dense, low-glycemic ingredients, Moa provides antioxidant protection, supports healthy digestion and offers whole-body support.

Ingredients include:
• Bergavit®
• Shiitake mushroom
• Agaricus mushroom
• Lion’s Mane mushroom
• BioPerine®
• Proprietary superfruit blend

The mushrooms are harvested using a patented fermentation
process called Mycofusion™. Mushroom mycelium is grown
naturally on deeply pigmented, purple corn “supergrain”
kernels which contain very high levels of anthocyanins. This
highly controlled and standardized process ensures that
key nutrients from the corn are absorbed by the mushrooms
through a novel fermentation process, resulting in totally
proprietary nutraceutical ingredients with a wide range of
health benefits.

Bergavit is a standardized extract form of Bergamot citrus, a nutraceutical extract that supports the cardiovascular and immune systems. It is the most concentrated form of Bergamot available in North America and has been shown to support cardiovascular health.

Because Moa comes in a convenient, single-serve Go Pouch,
you can simply open and enjoy. Consider adding it to fruit
juice or your next smoothie.

Each Go Pouch contains one single serving. We recommend consuming the contents all at once. If you must save your pouch, please consume within 24 hours for best results.
You can keep them in the refrigerator to chill or in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
There are 30, 1.7 fl. oz. Go Pouches per box
The pouches are made of a foil laminate and greatly reduce our landfill footprint.
Drink one pouch (1.7 fl. oz.) one to two times daily.
Always consult a healthcare physician prior to beginning any new dietary supplement if you have allergies or are taking medication.
Always consult a healthcare physician before beginning any new dietary supplement while pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have a medical condition.

NewAge by Ariix products are not drugs and have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are simply dietary supplements and are not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any illness or disease. While your body may experience amazing positive health responses when you feed it the right nutritional building blocks, and there is indeed reliable scientific evidence supporting the beneficial effect key ingredients of the products have on the immune system, there is insufficient scientific evidence to support some of the specific therapeutic results reported by users of the product.

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