News: LIMU Lean Shakes Discontinued

Are Limu Lean Meal Replacement Shakes Still Available?

Lately we’ve been approached by our customers wondering when LIMU’s hit products, the Limu Lean Shakes for meal replacement will become back in stock. Sadly, we have confirmed the official news from the company. 

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get Limu’s popular Lean Shakes anymore as they have been discontinued by NewAge, the company that currently owns the LIMU product lines.

In 2021, the NewAge company made the move to discontinue the meal replacement product from production. A sales representative explained to us that the company made the difficult decision due to the competitive nature of another company’s products that the organization acquired earlier called Slenderiiz

Where can you get Limu Lean Shakes?

As we said, you won’t be able to get Limu Lean Shakes, however, our team has been pleasantly surprised by the equally effective line of weight-loss meal replacement shakes found in the Slenderiiz product lines. 

Other products we recommend that are similar to Limu Lean Shakes:

limu lean shake held by woman

Conclusion: Limu Protein Shakes Discontinued

Although we are very sad to not be able to offer these long loved protein shakes, The Perfect Nutrition is more than excited to be offering our customers a real solid solution to their weight loss goals. 

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