An Overview of the Noni Fruit Tree, The Evergreen Tree

In this article we’ll cover all the information we love about the Noni fruit tree and of course the Noni fruit itself.

The Noni tree is an evergreen species native to the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, and Australia. Its leaves resemble those of the soursop, and it bears round yellowish fruit.

The noni fruit’s outer rind can be eaten and its flesh enjoyed for its tangy flavor, but the inner seeds are usually discarded.

Noni fruit juice contains potent antioxidants and may provide several health benefits. Noni fruit juice has been used to treat cancer and treat high blood pressure, aging skin, and many other purposes, but no good scientific evidence supports these uses.

We’ve written about the benefits of Noni a few times: 

The Noni Plant

The noni plant, a common shrub in Asia, Australia, and the islands of Polynesia, has white flowers with a yellow-greenish-white fruit. The fruit’s odor resembles cheese and we are often told by first timers it’s quite a repugnant smell, however most people don’t consume the fruit by itself. The fruit is large, and it has a pebbly surface.

Tropical noni (Morinda citrifolia) is a flowering plant that contains all sorts of active ingredients. The fruit, in particular, is high in potassium. It also contains vitamin C and other chemicals to help repair damaged cells and activate the immune system.

Noni juice comes from the fruit of the Morinda citrifolia tree. It is derived from this tree in Southeast Asia, especially in Polynesia. 

Polynesian peoples have used noni for over 2,000 years in traditional folk medicine to treat health issues like constipation, infections, pain, and arthritis. 

From our own discoveries of how locals talk about noni, we’ve found that there is a deep rooted “helps with everything” kind of messaging being passed around. 

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What Is the Nutritional Content of Noni?

Most consumption of noni is in the form of juice. There are many different brands of noni juice and the nutritional profile of those drinks can swing wildly depending on the actual concentration of noni. 

It can also make a big difference in quality depending on the noni fruit trees they are harvested from and their location relative to a volcano! I know right?!

However, most manufacturers of Noni juice mix the fruit with other more popular fruit concentrates and extracts in order to mask the taste and smell from the original fruit. 

Did somebody say stinky fruit? 

Officially, researchers analyzed 177 different brands of noni juice and found that all brands were similar in nutritional content. Noni juice is often mixed with other fruit juices to mask its bitter taste and foul odor.

Like most fruit juices, noni juice relies on natural carbohydrates (sugars) to fuel the body and deliver energy. It contains vitamins C, biotin, and folate, nutrients that play important roles in skin and immune systems. Simply put, it’s is a great source of these vitamins.

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What Is Noni Used for?

As mentioned earlier, noni fruit has a rich cultural history as a medicinal food source but that doesn’t mean that science hasn’t gotten involved too.

Its most common use is for traditional and ethnobotanical uses. Polynesian healers have used the noni fruit for thousands of years to help treat various health problems. Ancient healing manuscripts cite the fruit as a primary ingredient in natural healing formulations. 

Today, juice, fruit leather, dry extract, and noni capsules are sold to treat various health problems. Ancient Healing Manuscripts cite the fruit as a primary ingredient in natural healing formulations.

It has also been used generally. Noni traditionally has been used in Hawaiian culture to naturally treat various ailments, including colds, influenza, diabetes, anxiety, high blood pressure, and depression. 

Noni is one of the most frequently used Hawaiian plant medicines. It has also been shown to be effective in treating various medical issues, such as stomach ailments, coughs, infectious diseases, and even cancer.

These claims have not been proven in clinical trials, however there are hundreds of peer reviewed papers on it’s benefits, risks and myths that you can find here:

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Noni juice usually comes from the noni fruit tree. It can have various beneficial effects on your body, skin, and hair. Noni juice is trendy on social media and among celebrities because of it’s tropical origins that loves to grow in volcanic areas.

If you’re looking to improve your health, try noni juice and see how it can help you. It has lots of benefits, and it is surprisingly cheap.

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