What Is Moa? A Supplement Review 2021

I’m not exactly new to the world of over-hyped supplements. God knows there are a million different ones out there claiming to be the next holy grail, but Moa surprised me in a good and weird kinda way. Welcome to my Moa review.

Really, 36 Superfood In One Drink? Come on...

When I had first been connected with Nutrifii, the company that makes the Moa health supplement, I was super excited to try it. I had seen its popularity across Latin America and Europe, even Asia, so this was definitely at the top of my list. 

If your a not familiar with Moa, go to it’s product page and check it our first.

In fact, the week before I ordered, I had spoken to one of my Facebook friends who had messaged me after I posted about it. She told me that her and her husband had been taking it for 6 months and had never felt better. 

The crazy part, she’s in her 30’s. 

Until now, most of the stories I had read across the internet about how Moa effects your health were mostly testimonials from folks over 50. 

What Is Special About Moa?

Perhaps the most important piece of information that you’d want to know before you try Moa is what makes it such a popular product? 

There are really two methods of thinking when answering this question. 

  1. I believe that herbs and other natural remedies have no place in nutritional advice.
  2. I believe that we are greatly influenced by what we consume and it’s important for our health. 

Depending on which side of the fence you are on, you’ll either appreciate our take on it or not. 

Moa is special because it was designed, scientifically, to combine natural ingredients often used in holistic medicine into a powerhouse of a supplement. 

The company behind Moa, Nutrifii, has spent enormous amounts of time and energy skillfully crafting this drink and making the formula better as new advancements take place. 

What Does Moa Taste Like?

You had to ask! 

Ok, ok, in full disclosure, Moa has a unique taste with strong raw flavors coming through followed by a spicy kick at the end. 

I live in the United States and my palate was not ready for the taste, but after about 10 days of drinking it, it started to taste really good. 

It just might stun you right out the gate. 

My customers in Mexico have different palates and I get so many rave reviews about the taste. Interesting to see the cultural differences in preferred flavors huh? 

photo of moa supplement packet by nutrifii ariix with blackberries

Our Final Verdict on This Moa Drink

We can confidently attest that in this Moa review that it is not over-hyped but actually a hidden gem in the world of natural superfood supplements available. We may have been scared off originally with the taste, but after that hurdle, our family has embraced the health benefits we’ve been experiencing. 

If you’d like to give Moa a try, check out our online store. Also, feel free to comment with your questions or experiences. 


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