An Ultimate List of Seaweed Supplements (From The Experts)

If you’re in the market for seaweed supplements, we’ve got a comprehensive list of supplements that may just deliver what you’re after. 

Our team here at The Perfect Nutrition gathered all the major brands, consulted with medical and nutrition experts, roped in some research articles and voila, The Ultimate List of Seaweed Supplements and their uses!

Ready to dive right in? Wow there. We know you’re excited but let’s first touch on the reasons why adding seaweed to our nutritional habits is even worth the consideration. 

Should We Take Seaweed Supplements?

Nutritional Benefits of Seaweed

Seaweed is one way to say it, but scientifically, it’s all algae. 

Considered to be the oldest known plant life on Earth, seaweed is an incredibly robust vegetable grown in the waters of every major ocean in the world and has an ancient record of being consumed by coastal cultures dating back to the earliest times. 

Here are several not-well-known scientific benefits of seaweed supplementation.

1. Vitamins & Minerals (the rare ones too)

One of the biggest advantages of eating seaweed is the rainbow of micronutrients that algae provides to the body. 

And, according to a study done by Oregon State University, there is not only clear evidence of population deficiencies in micronutrients but also consequences for long term deficiency exposure. 

Regular deficiencies in the general population include: 

  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin A, C, D & E

*It is noted in the study that there is often an over supplementation of sodium. (no surprise here)

So why are we not getting the vitamins and minerals we need? 

Many believe it is due to the ever declining nutritional values in our over agriculture lands that is the culprit while others look towards convenient sources of “empty calorie” food sources. 

Regardless, our bodies thrive when we have a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, many of which can be supplemented very well by seaweed. 

2. Antioxidant Abundance

In this article, we talk about how antioxidants work and how free radicals are balanced in the body. 

The main point is that antioxidants are whole body balancing goodness. 

Many of our functional medicine friends talk about how natural antioxidants in the body work against inflammation, which is a root cause for many health issues.

But everything on the market claims that their products have antioxidants, so what gives?

It can be hard to realize the full range of benefits from antioxidants if everything from sports drinks to coffee chocolate bars claims to have tons of rich antioxidants. 

The truth is, not all antioxidants are created equal. Also, it’s critical that your source of antioxidants is natural and bioavailable from the source. 

In this highly sourced antioxidant study, it’s crystal clear that plant-based foods and herbal remedies are by far the best sources for antioxidants and their benefits. 

3. Fucoidan and Other Polysaccharides

One of the biggest benefits from taking seaweed supplements is related to Fucoidan. 

We wrote an ultimate guide on everything Fucoidan.

Fucoidan and similar polysaccharides (commonly known as complex sugar molecules) can be found in the outer plant layers of seaweed and come with many benefits for health. 

Here is a list of things Fucoidan can help with: 

List of The Top Seaweed Supplements [updated 2022]

*There are NO affiliate links in this list to offer truly unbiased advice.

Athletic Greens product photo

Athletic Greens

Comprehensive Daily Nutrition

Athletic Greens impressed us because of how much the makers of the product focused on using recent nutrition research in it’s creation. These folks didn’t just put a bunch of “superfood” together. 

Utilizing the most modern sources of effective antioxidant delivery and nutrient absorption with mushroom complexes. 

It’s a big stand out on the list and the main ingredient is a power packed algae, Spirulina!

Purple Sea Moss Supplement

Purple Sea Moss

Boca Heal Sea Moss Capsules

Sea moss spun into popularity a couple years ago but only a few suppliers do it right and Boca Heal is one of them. 

In a combination of Bladderwrack and Purple Sea Moss, this seaweed supplement delivers a ruthless combination of vitamins and minerals known to strongly support Thyroid function, skin and digestion. 

Lastly, we included them because of the simple and natural process these are manufactured in. 

Use code “HEAL” for 15% off all future purchases!

LIMU Original product graphic

Liquid Seaweed Gold

An Original Blend of Seaweed

In a class all it’s own, LIMU Original is a delicious tasting seaweed supplement that brings massive health benefits. 

In fact, its the only product on this list that we make available in our store and for good reason. 

In our full review, it has been nothing short of a phenomenon with it’s delivery of bioavailable nutrition and proven health benefits. 

You can read all about it by visiting our product page.

Iwi Omega 3 seaweed supplement product photo

Omega-3 by IWI

The most powerful Omega-3 on the planet.

Omega-3 is one of those supplements that is on every doctors recommendation list and for good reason, but did you know that many omega fatty acids don’t directly come from fish?

Iwi is a stand strong supplement on this list made from algae and delivering effective results for their customers. 

The company shines bright with this seaweed supplement being vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and with purity standards.

Swanson Brown Seaweed Supplement

Full Spectrum Brown Seaweed

Historic seaweed turned supplement.

Some people swear by Wakame seaweed being their favorite species of seaweed. Massively preferred in Asia, brown seaweed is a staple in the native diet. 

Swanson takes this historic food and packs it into a convenient brown seaweed supplement. 

We included this supplement on our list due to the simplicity of it’s nutrition label and customer feedback. If you’re wanting a supplement that just has seaweed and no others ingredients, this is your choice!

Kelp Capsules Oregon Harvest

Oregon's Kelp

Historic seaweed turned supplement.

Our favorite kelp supplement, Wild Harvest creates this massively beneficial supplement milled with kelp from the Atlantic and delivers it right to your door. 

As the only 5 star rating on this list, this seaweed supplement most impressed us with the company’s commitment to natural and the raving reviews from it’s customers. 

Natures Life Icelandic Kelp

Icelandic Kelp

Naturally processed kelp supplement.

Kelp is probably the most famous type of seaweed known in the western hemisphere, perhaps because of the great kelp forest photos we all love?

Either way, Icelandic Kelp by Nature’s Life is a solid supplement on this list for their remarkable understanding of this amazing plant and it’s benefits. 

Harvested in the north Atlantic, kept whole, and processed naturally. If kelp is your supplement of choice, you can’t get much better. 

Starwest botanicals kelp capsules supplement

Kelp+ Supplement

Iodine enriched kelp supplement

Starwest Botanicals is a hidden gem for natural supplements the void of added fillers and unnecessary manufacturing processes. 

Their kelp supplement is a strong contender on this list if you’re in the market for a seaweed supplement packed with Iodine for thyroid health. 

Wrapping It All Up

Seaweed supplements in most of the western world are under utilized given the huge range of benefits associated with them. 

The average person can benefit from them even if they are not taking them to directly help with any associated health problem. 

Are you ready to get your mineral & vitamin needs covered? 

Start with seaweed. Trust us, you’ll never regret it AND it’s safe for consumption in most every case. *

Thank you for reading and let us know in the comments below if you’d like us to review a seaweed supplement and we’ll consider it for this list. 


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