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LIMU LEAN ® BURN & BLU FROG 2® Combo (24 each)

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Perfect Mix of Energy & Weight Loss
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Blu Frog-2 24 cans (2 packs of 12)
LIMU LEAN® BURN 24 cans (2 packs of 12)

LIMU LEAN®BURN works to accelerate weight loss and control cravings so you can power through your day and stick to your weight loss regimen. Perfectly formulated to act as a healthy, weight-conscious alternative to snacking, BURN is the spark you need to ignite your fitness goals.

LIMU BLU FROG 2® is a natural energy drink enriched with powerful cognitive-enhancing nootropic supplements that keep you razor sharp and laser focused while boosting your mental clarity, creativity and drive. BLU FROG 2® is packed with all the premium nutrition of BLU FROG®, plus it’s supercharged with double the natural caffeine. Compare BLU FROG 2® to convenience store energy drinks and you’ll feel the difference. No jitters, no fake stuff, no downside. Just gentle, smooth, natural sweetness and clean ingredients.

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